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Miejska Komunikacja Samochodowa (Municipal Public Transport) in Oświęcim was formed on October 1, 1957 to be part of MPGE (Municipal Public Utilities Department). In January 1962, Municipal Public Transport was sectionalized  from MPGE and, subsequently, a stand-alone enterprise bearing the name Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne (Municipal Public Transport Company) seated at Topolowa 17, currently Leszczyńskiej 7, came into being.


In 1976 another reorganization came about. At that point, as a result of centralization, Municipal Public Transport Company in Oświęcim and Municipal Public Transport Company in Bielsko-Biała were consolidated to make one entity operating under the name Wojewódzkie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne Bielsko-Biała z Zakładem nr 2 w Oświęcimiu (Province Public Transport Company with Division 2 in Oświęcim).


In January, 1981, the Company regained its independence and came to use its former business name again. The President of the Town of Oświęcim acted in the capacity of its forming organ. On June 1, 1991, the Company was transformed into a town budget – financed unit.


On December 31, 2008, the town budget – financed unit was transformed into one-person limited liability company of the Town and District of Oświęcim under the name Miejski Zakład Komunikacji Spółka z.o.o. (Municipal Public Transport Company, Ltd.) in Oświęcim.


The figures from the mid 80s speak of the Company’s development and  range of the services provided. It was then that the Company possessed the fleet comprising 136 buses which covered the combined distance of 6,5 mil kilometres, employed nearly 500 transport workers and rendered transport services in the area of Oświęcim, Brzeszcze, Bieruń, Spytkowice, Wilamowice, Kęty, Andrychów and Porąbka carrying as many as 43 mil passengers annually (currently, about 3,5 mil). So-called “chartered/closed transports” for such companies as WSW Andrychów, Piast and Czeczot mines, FSM, ZCHO Oświęcim, KBO Oświęcim, contributed significantly to the Company’s performance and generated substantial profits.


Currently, the Company provides transport services under the Municipal Agreement signed between the Town of Oświęcim and the following Districts:


1. The District of Oświęcim


2. The District of Chełmek


3. The District of Brzeszcze


4. Community Fellowship “Komunikacja Międzygminna” in Chrzanów


5. The District of Miedźna


The subject of the agreement is the provision of local public transport services in the Districts of Oświęcim, Chełmek, Brzeszcze as well the District of Libiąż with regard to rendering transport services for the Village of Gromiec and its vicinity.


As of today, the Company employs 110 workers. MZK Oświęcim buses cover nearly 2 million kilometres annually. The number of buses currently in operation – 44.


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